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30 Best Side Hustles - Make An Extra $1000-$2000 A Month in Tampa-Florida

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So make sure to consider all your costs. 14. Become a dog walker Sixty-nine million million US households own a dog—and fur babies are no longer just pets, they’re part of the family. So as things continue to open up throughout the country and dog owners have to head back to the office, they’re going to want reliable people to check in on their furry loved ones.

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15. Become a freelance writer According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 68% of writers in 2020 were self-employed, and their annual mean salary was just over $78,000. On top of that, the freelance writing job market is expected to continue to rise until 2030. So freelance writing is not only profitable, it’s also in demand.

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16. Become a reliable house sitter and/or pet sitter By the end of 2021, the TSA reported that the number of travellers passing through one of its checkpoints had more than doubled since the same time last year. And as more people leave their homes for exciting adventures, there will be those that want someone reliable to house sit.

Some people just want you to drive by every few days, pick up the mail, and make sure the plants are watered. Others might require that you stay on the premises, take care of the pets, do some light cleaning/maintenance, and even make sure to run the cars once a week.

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As always, you can find listings for house sitters on Craigslist and Facebook, but there are also matchmaking services like Trusted, Housesitters. These sites make it easier for both sides to find the right match without needing to worry about scammers. So in the time it takes you to pack an overnight bag and drive to your client’s home, you can get paid to have a mini-staycation in someone else’s house.

After all, that is why you’re getting paid. We all troll social media (probably more than we should), so why not use that to get paid? 18. Become a tour guide for your neighborhood A study done by Eventbrite showed that 78% of Americans prioritize experiences over products. Hence the boom in travel.

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But the nice thing is you can make your tour about anything. If you’re a graffiti lover and know where all the best graffiti is in the city, you can tailor your tour around street art. Or if you’re a big foodie and know all the hot spots for eats, you’re sure to get people wanting to go on food adventures with you.

There are many sites designed to match transcriptionists with work. When you first start out, you’ll find that the pay rate is anywhere from $0. 50 to $0. 60 per audio minute transcribed, but don’t be discouraged. As you become more efficient in your transcriptions, you’ll start to see the money coming in.

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Be a user tester for apps and websites Nothing will halt business faster than a website riddled with issues or an app that doesn’t work. So developers will get testers to go in and push all the links and play with all the buttons to make sure things work before they go live.

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Most sites and apps take about five to 30 minutes to test, and on average you’ll be paid about $10 per test. But that’s also really going to depend on the site and how extensively the developers want you to test it. There are a lot of matchmaking sites that can connect you to many different types of website and app testing gigs.



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