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You might choose to inhale the oils, use them on your skin, or distribute the scent in your home. Here are a few different ways to use oils. Essential oils could be used as part of your bath. Add about five drops of the oil of your choice to the running water to help you relax as you soak in the tub..

Be sure to dilute the oils first with a carrier oil (such as apricot kernel or sweet almond oil). Use about five drops of essential oil with about 10 ml of carrier oil for a concentration of 1. 5% to 3. 0%. If you are applying the oil to your face, the concentration of essential oils should be no more than 0.

5%. Choosing Essential Oils Your choice of essential oils will depend on your desired effects. Below are common oils that are used and some claims of how they can help you. Studies have not confirmed all of the medical or health claims associated with these oils. In the following list, nervine refers to oils that are said to strengthen the nervous systems, while sedative refers to oils that may help calm the nervous system.

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Before trying aromatherapy to help with anxiety, you should be aware of adverse reactions that have been associated with some oils such as skin irritation. If you regularly use essential oils as a method to calm yourself, or pair their use with other relaxation exercises, over time it is likely that you may find simply inhaling the same scent will remind you of feeling calm.

While these results are promising, this is one small study that needs to be replicated on a larger scale. Only when there is a sufficient body of research evidence to support the effectiveness of aromatherapy, will it be possible to definitively state that this method of relieving anxiety has the backing of science.

If you've been struggling with symptoms, the first step should always be to visit a doctor or mental health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, you can experiment with aromatherapy for anxiety if you find that it offers benefits.

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Please use caution when using essential oils around pets and babies. Please test any homemade cleaners on an inconspicuous area before use and do not combine chemicals. See our full disclosure here. This post contains affiliate links & photos. See our full disclosure here. In this post: Feeling stressed and filled with anxiety? Here are 7 calming essential oil blends to use for anxiety and depression.

But did you know there are a handful of essential oils that are wonderful for for calming you down? Here are the most helpful essential oils for anxiety: My favorite brands of essential oils are NOW, Aura Cacia and Plant Therapy. You can usually find all of these on Amazon, which is where I get most of the essential oils we use in our house.

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3 Ways to Use Essential Oils For Calming You will find that you have options in terms of how you choose to use your oils to relieve stress. I will give you options below and you can decide what fits your needs the best. 1. Rub Directly on Skin With a diluted oil , you can massage your essential oils directly on the skin.

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Many look at massaging oil on the wrists, behind the ears, back of the neck, and more. Depending on the oils you might decide what fits you best. You will be able to smell the oil blend but it also soaks into your skin, helping to soothe and relax your body and mind.

Inhale One method that is very popular is adding the oils in palm of your hand and rubbing your hands together. Then lift up and directly. You will get a stronger concentrated smell that can work fast at calming your mind. The only thing to watch with this method is once you are done to wash your hands.

It can sting and hurt, especially if you’re using an oil like peppermint. You could, of course, alternatively, just remove the lid from your essential oil bottle and inhale the scent that way. 3. Diffusing Using a diffuser is an amazing way to fill your room or home with a relaxing and calming aromatherapy.

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Want to know more about diffusers? Read Essential Oil Diffusers 101 – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started. No matter what choice of way to use your oils, I think you will find this helpful. 7 Essential Oil Blends for Calming and Stress Here are some really amazing oil blends that help you to relax but also smell pretty amazing too.



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